What Was I Worried About?

I thought I might have trouble getting in an average of a post a day, but on 29 December I managed five posts (unless I sneak one last one in after this), and yesterday I got in - what - seven or eight! There is still tomorrow and Monday. Tomorrow we are slated to get snow and ice starting either 1300 (if you listen to NOAA) or 1800 (if you listen to weather.com). I don't know if either is right... I'm going with 1500 - right smack in the middle!

Naturally this will be on Sunday, just to make my MONDAY commute more exciting! Hmmm... how did I know this would happen?! And there is more on tap for Monday and Tuesday. We have certainly had a lot snow in December... not that this shouldn't happen. It is a winter month. However, we have not typically had much snow in December. Mostly it happens in January or February. Maybe we are getting it out of the way sooner rather than later. (I'm too funny, right?)

Anyway, it seems that the weekend and the holidays have allowed me to get a lot of my mental musings out of my system and on the air; well, the Internet, anyway!

So it is that I am up to 369 postings with this one. At the same time, I am watching with some interest a rerun of Ugly Betty, watching with great intent a book on ebay called The Book of the Moon that is up for bid with not a single other bidder on it that ends at 0114 tomorrow (it actually ends 2214 PST, but I'm not in the PST timezone, I'm in EST). I always have to add in those three hours. I guess ebay is in California. Isn't everything?

It will be interesting to see how many postings I will manage.


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