Holiday Weekend Fun - So Far

A four-day weekend is always a beautiful thing - too bad they are so few and far between. On the other hand, the fact that they are a rarity is good. It makes me appreciate them so much more.

Still. What does one do with the time?

Wednesday night we hung out in the house and I cleaned up and moved books downstairs and did laundry and other sundry and assorted things. I was up until nearly midnight with unused energy. I did get a fair amount done, although the book shelf in the eating area (that we never eat in) is still a mess. I need to get it all sorted out before the end of the weekend. I will get it done.

The solar folks are coming around the 17th of next month. I can't wait. The ultimate middle finger to the electric company, I would like to think. I really am so pissed at them for laying that last bill on us. (And this is through December, too. What rottenness.)

I went to Springfield to pick up a guest for our Thanksgiving dinner and when we returned I brought him over to the squadhouse to see the ambulances, which he really enjoyed seeing. And shockingly enough, a call came in while we were there talking to one of the EMTs, whom I get on with really well. We were chatting, a call went out to us...
Someone else was supposed to come and go on that call but couldn't start the car. We took the call.
The temperature was so warm yesterday that we ate outside. It was Thanksgiving, not exactly a warm-weather associative holiday. I can't beleive that. And with leaves still on the trees I can't feel like it is now the Christmas season. (Although it has gotten cold enough to believe it in just a few hours. BBBBR-R-R-R-R-R-R-R!) Still, it was unique. I had someone come with us to dinner, a gentleman from Mexico. I felt that he should come see a typical American family holiday and enjoy good company - he is here all alone (more so now with all the others from his home country heading back to Mexico today), and he was grateful for the invite and the good food.

It was a good dinner and good company. I don't always enjoy doing the family thing but John, Safia and I discussed a lot of science - they are both high school science teachers. Safia teaches general Biology to honors students (that aren't honors by the real definition) and John teaches Zoology. Wow! I would have loved it if I could have taken Zoology in high school. When I went to school I was able take the Earth Science and Biology classes but then it was Physics and Chemistry - two subjects that are very heavy on the mathematics. So I was unhappy with Chemistry. If I could've taken Zoology, I would have been over the moon!

Anyway, that was fun.

Friday was good, I went down to Gillette to see Vicki. Mike is good and seems to be his usual self. Stephen is a funny kid but what do I know? Vicki told me that he was determined to be a little behind in social skills and that this makes him have "autistic tendancies". Oh, come now. He doesn't relate well to other kids, has a problem with sharing and how does this make him unusual? Sharing is not instinctive survival behaviour for the human race. It just isn't. But doctors, society, schools, all feel so much better if they can lump kids into categories. Individualism means nothing. As for autistic tendencies, they can go to hell. This means that I was autistic as a child and may even still be since my desire to eat certain foods is predicated on not only taste but looks and consistency. Apparently that qualifies one for autism.

(Granted that my kitchen staff may agree with that and I laugh right along with them - it is pretty funny that I am so fussy when these guys will try anything! But still.)

Well. It is now Sunday morning and I must take a shower. I'll be back later.

And now, Tuesday night, here I am. Time gets away so quickly. But I love being back at work - isn't that weird! Most people love Friday and hate Monday as days of the week, but I love Monday as much or slightly more than I love Friday. I love all days, really. Monday seems to always whiz by and Friday can be long. So I prefer Monday.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday of togetherness or thankfulness, it appears to be a holiday of gluttony - strictly foodbasd, not general gluttony. Christmas is general gluttony - gift receiving. But Thanksgiving is all about how much can I shove down my throat. Fortunately, I am a fussy eater and most of what is on the traditional list of Thanksgiving cuisine doesn't appeal to me. I don't eat potatoes (in any format), yams, cranberry jelly, turkey, stuffing, most vegetables (are you drawing a picture as to why eating healthy is such a struggle for me? A whole food group is practically DQd from the list).

Anyway, I left there around midday. Vicki needed to run errands and obviously gets no free time. OK. I get that. While I was driving on North Beverwyck, there was a police car blocking the road and just beyond, our rig and one of 65s at an accident scene. We were detoured and I came home (disappointed
I came home and hung out with Luis a litte bit.

I went home and listened in until 1800 and nothing happened. Luis and I had pizza, and the night was mostly uneventful. Just the way I like them.

Saturday was spent with Ray, so was Sunday. I enjoy time with my father and to be honest, I was weasling out of going to the movies. I love Luis; I hate going to the movies. I rarely go - only for movies I really, really want to see, like Ratatouille, which was so delightful. I'd like to see Bee Movie, although there is a large likelihood that I will not like it. It may be too dopey for me.

(I managed to get out of going to a movie that weekend... But it is 13 December and I'm clearly going to get anymore written on this...)


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