Holiday Insanity

Well. I opened this posting eight days ago and never had a chance to work on this. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, oh, wait! The work Christmas party! That has to be what I was thinking about.

It was a very good party and I did have a lot of fun! I danced my ass off and had different dance partners, leaving Luis mostly off the hook. He had an okay time - loved the food, did not love the dancing. Still, he only has to do this once year (outside of the odd wedding - is there any other kind?). And the food is excellent - the only thing I never worry about. When we go to weddings the hors d'oevers (I can never spell that) are great and the meal is mediocre (or awful). We don't do sit down dinners with your choice of chicken, steak or fish. Always a good thing - these sit dinners are never any good. But the buffet that they make - oh, my gods! I should have had more shrimp, but I had a good amount of food and I did not touch the bread or the dessert (it was tempting, believe me).

The dancing - oh, the dancing! Marco took me out for a few dances, then Jairo, then the girls (there were a lot of us dancing at any given time), then Upendra (he looked like John Travolta in that depressing movie from the 70s, uh... what was it? Saturday Night Fever. That's it. He danced like crazy and had a lot of "moves". It was pretty funny, and he obviously had a great time.

They gave out gifts with tickets, and I did not get the hammock. Rats! But Judy did give us a bottle of wine. Luis and I were appreciative, although neither of us drink. But it is a nice thought and that is what counts. And at the very end of the night, the DJ finally played "Runaround Sue" - about time!

It was a great night out. And would you believe I never got a single image taken!


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