Time Slow, Time Fast

It is 27 December. Of 2007, a very short span of time now. I can't believe that, how fast the time goes. And so it is that I find myself surprised by the fact that people have long said that time goes faster when you are older. As a kid I certainly wasn't buying. Of course, that saying went along with, "You should appreciate this time. These are the best years of your life."

What idiot came up with that? And were they born adults that some how they missed childhood? I did not find much in my kidhood all that and a bag of chips. Time moved so slowly for me and maybe for me more than others. Now, it moves so fast that I have learned to slow down and look at things. I love appreciating the stars as they dance in the sky. I see sunrises and sunsets. I love holding my kitties. I love driving and seeing the seasons change the scenery. Smell the smells, see the sights, hear the music, feel the different fabrics of anything, tastes the flavours. Enjoy my family, my friends, my coworkers, people I meet on the ambulance.

The other thing that kills me is childhood being the best years. I find that appalling - and not because childhood was not all roses and song, but because you'd sell your entire adult life short to say that. Is your life so meaningless that the entire adult span of what you have is worth nothing? I mean, really. Think about what you say. I tell people with great gusto that I'll be 40 years old, and they all seem to think that this is a less-than-beautiful. What is so bad about turning 40? Is something that occupies your mind?

Guess what I'm doing for my birthday! Luis is throwing me a huge party at a catering hall with a DJ and brought-in food. WAHOO! The man may not buy me jewels (which I'm not interested in having) but he loves me enough to do this. (Please understand that this is an expensive undertaking, and Luis is not the biggest fan of spending money. For him, this is an outpouring of love. It may also be guilt but that is a separate post in itself.)

Anyway, I find it horrifying that people say such things. Life just gets better. It may not get easier in all ways, but it does get better. It also is more and more rewarding. Who runs around thinking this, that life is all over after childhood.

You know, I was bullied by way too many kids and when I think about them, I'm sure that most of them did indeed have their hayday in high school. How sad. Then again... how karmic. How fitting. How perfectly lovely. And the saddest part? They've done it to themselves. They spent it all in high school being utter jerks and then bought the whole thing about childhood being the best they'd ever have.

Hook, line and sinker.

Not me. My childhood had its bright points - my parents, my grandfather, pets, the Old Farmers Almanac, snowfalls that closed the school. As an adult, life is totally different. I control what happens and my reactions to that input. If I react smartly, I live better and enjoy the ride so much more!


CrystalChick said…
I hope your party ROCKS!! I think with a hall full of people that love you and a good man to throw it all together... what else could you ask. YES, life is good. And it's what you make it. You will be celebrating life at 40 and 45 and 50 ... however long you have to be here, you'll find the best life has to offer.
Happy Birthday, have fun at your soiree and make sure to blog all about it. Can't wait to read!

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