Drink and Driving Advert

Obviously this was not an advert to encourage drinking!

No, it was a great bit of work. The car with the drunk driver was full of liquid, and this guy is driving while mired in alcohol, his head just above the liquid line. The narrator went on to say that the police are much better and will get you for driving over the legal limit. The police are shown triangulating in on locations, and then out in the field, the policeman's back to the camera and the driver rolling his window down with alcohol pouring out. My gods.

A little stereotyping here: the redneck rolled down his window and beer poured out. The businessman rolled his window down and clear fluid with olives poured out. The young, popular, good-looking guy opened his door and red liquid came flooding out. Some popular kid's drink. It was very obvious what they were saying there (and it wasn't good). But the advert was very effective and I certainly hope it works.

A New Year's with no drunks? Naaaaahhhhhh!


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