An Interesting Yoga Class - Again!

This one-on-one yoga stuff is too good to be true!

I really have grown to love John, the instructor; he's warm and fuzzy and fun, and still gets the job done. It is always a very positive experience and I enjoy his tutelage and talents and he has a great sense of humour. He always tells us/me to do the pose, what exactly we need to do to accomplish it and then tells us/me to breathe and smile!

It is fun, but it is hard work, too. Which is as it should be. Although there was a hilarious moment, when we were doing the relaxation part at the end... the music (by Loreena McKennitt, a personal favourite of mine) had some man who was make a speech (or more likely soliloquising...) and suddenly he was going on about fire and brimstone and hell... and I just couldn't help it - I burst out laughing. How relaxing is this to hear? It was quite funny.

None-the-less, I think I am going to be feeling this in my shoulders tomorrow. Good! I need to be a lot more aware of where my shoulders are in relation to the rest of me. I seem to consistently slump forward, and that affects my posture and general stance and sonfidence, and a lot of things.

This is anasara yoga (I think I spelled that right) and it concentrates more on aligning the body correctly and getting things in the right place. And yet, don't let that fool you. People come into yoga all the time with the odd thinking that this is not a workout, like weight lifting or cardio-intensive things. He certainly had me sweating and trying to get my breath! By no means is this not a workout. It may not look strenuous, but it is a lot more effort than you realise.

I do a round routine of things - treadmill, yoga, bicycling and the ellipticle. They are all good for me and all have their plusses and minuses. Yoga has the plus of being relaxing and intensive all at the same time. It is also making me feel great. I'm not by nature a stressy, hold-it-all-in kind of person, but apparently I do get stress, and this helps me to release it.

And it is a workout! What more can one ask?


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