Astrology is Perfect Science Like Astronomy

California: 10 December 2007 - (Updated) - Astrology is perfect Science like astronomy, and that’s the reason that it’s allowed to be taught in Indian Universities for degrees and research work for interested students. This is such a subject where from none can escape, any newspaper or magazine or TV channel , all flourish with this addition.

The Hon.'ble Supreme Court recently rejected the plea of scientists that Astrology should not be taught in Universities as a subject of science. The Full Bench accepted Astrology as Science and allowed the Universities for teaching and issuing degrees and research work in Astrology. In a landmark judgement, a full bench comprising Justice S. Rajendra Babu and Justice G.P. Mathur dismissed a petition filed by scientists in the matter of P.M. Bhargava and others challenging an Andhra Pradesh High Court Order that Astrology is not science and should not be taught in the universities.

The petition was filed by the scientists against HRD Ministry, Govt. of India and University Grant Commission. In this case, the HRD Ministry has been strong advocate of introduction of astrology as a course at the post graduation level and for providing platform to interested students in astrology to do research work.Dr. Raj Baldev, who is a famous Cosmo Theorist,and is also known as Swamy Raj Baldev, is also considered an authority in Astrology and occult sciences. He was the main Intervener in this case and supported the plea of HRD Ministry, Govt. of India and the UGC.

While tracing ancient history of Astronomy and Astrology, he gave all scientific reasons in his intervention application justifying how astrology is a complete science.

Along with his intervention, Dr. Raj Baldev had also filed the press clippings wherein he had predicted the fall and rise of three governments with exact time and date well in advance before their occurrences, even the indication of the name of the Prime Minister and how many alphabets he would carry with his name were also successfully predicted by him.

Dr. Raj Baldev's predictions were based on calculations of Astrology of the country and he believes that the judgement of the Supreme Court of India, in fact, was a victory of Astrology as a complete science.

Dr. Raj Baldev is also known as Nostradamus of India and is also popular as 'swamy' due to his vision of analysing both astronomy and astrology outstandingly. He has the privilege of having the audience of many heads of States including President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, President Chun DooHwan of South Korea, Prince Charles among others.

His predictions are so accurate that even 1999 predictions were carried by Australian Broadcasting Corporation and proudly released by them on Internet since they were remarkably perfect and is still applicable.

Dr. Raj Baldev predicted in 1999 that Sonia Gandhi would become the leader of the masses and her children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka would rise high. Rahul Gandhi is coming up in country's politics as a rising star, no one could think of it in 1999 as predicted by Dr.Raj Baldev.

Dr. Raj Baldev was also consulted regularly by the close deputies of Saddam Hussein privately for their President and Saddam Hussein granted the special privilege to Dr. Raj Baldev for addressing Iraqi Parliament as the highest honor on behalf of his country, which included his best efforts in helping to end Iran-Iraq war by using the good offices of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, who held special regards for him.

According to Dr. Raj Baldev, the fall of Saddam Hussein came due to his dictatorial tendencies and attack on Kuwait and burning the oil wells and also created a wrong picture of his exalted authority and that gave a chance to US Administration to attack Iraq alleging him to possess weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Raj Baldev is a multi-talented personality, he has recently written "Two Big Bangs Created the Universe" (Formed in Eternal Space) in which he has fully reconstructed the big bang theory. His forthcoming book is on MARS titled "Exploring Mars for Life".

Dr. Raj Baldev is coming forward with the following books:
New Concept of Black Holes and Dark EnergyInelligent DesignMysteries of Soul and Re-birth Shudh Bhagavad Gita (with sins & virtues). He had published the Ist part of Shudh Bhagavad Gita in 1987 and was released by the then President of India Giani Zail Singh.

Dr. Raj Baldev is the Chairman of SAROUL (Scientific Advance Research of Universe and Life). He is also the Chairman of National Integration Assembly (NIA), World Peace Mision.

In short, Dr. Raj Baldev is a social reformer, a humble mixed personality -highly spiritual and scientific, a rare combination of both.


shanpeter45 said…
Astrology is something,where a particular person's future is predicted by studying the movements and positions of the different stars and planets.According to the study of astrology,the heavenly planets have a great impact and influence on the lifes of humans and that the fate and future aspect of a person depends on these heavenly bodies position and movements.
CrystalChick said…
Fascinating article.
Originally, astronomy and astrology were one science as far as I know. For a time I guess there were only a few who understood how to work with it, and also, there have been times when it was only used for royalty and other v.i.p.
I don't know all the differences between Vedic and Western astrology but the science part that coincides comes from constellations, coordinates of planets, and other bodies in the Universe. The debate may be as to what interpretation one should give personally to an impersonal thing like a planet. But astrologers have been making people scratch their heads for many, many years. Those that are really good at it have a high accuracy in prediction. Obviously, there are those who try to use it to turn a buck and you get all the hotlines, dial the stars, that type of thing which, for the most part, only feeds on the needy and easily mislead.
If you were to have a consultation with a reputable astrologer, this could run in the hundreds of dollars depending on how many charts you wanted done and what type of information you were looking to receive. And it's a give and take too as most astrologers are NOT psychics and do need to talk with the client. It's a matter of determining ones energy patterns via what the planetary positions were at birth... or any given time thereafter... and figuring out how that individual uses that energy. For every positive there is a negative. And there is family influence and heredity as well. It's complicated!! But when someone really skilled at all of that works with their client I feel that person can gain alot of insight into their strengths and weaknesses and opportune times to do this, that, or the other thing.
Now, that said..... am I qualified to do that? NO Even tho I have been reading on the subject for MANY years and know the basics of chart interpretation, etc.... I still consider myself a student. I know those who do it professionally and are pretty successful and I considered going further with it awhile back but ended up deciding to wander down other paths. It's very fascinating and I love it when I have time to get into certain areas of it, but for the most part, I don't use it daily. It's neat to observe people tho. As the ancients did over and over again. They found patterns. The phases of the moon, the planets continually following their orbits, etc. it might have seemed that at different times people would show certain characteristics that repeated often. So it's an empirical science I guess. And it has to do alot with psychology too, how one tends to react to certain situations. A psychiatrist would see certain patterns in a person, astrologers would determine whether one is using the positive or negative aspects... etc.
I think if you are finished reading the book you had gotten a little bit ago, you probably have a decent grasp of the basics.

I can't remember exactly what your other posting was regarding astrology... something about a free download chart or basic description. Those are fun, but for entertainment only. Obviously, they are reports generated by a computer, programmed to give information based on certain placements, but the art form of astrology is blending all the information together to form something more personally relevant to the one getting the reading. There are some ways that all Aries may act alike or some might have a heavy influence of planets in a certain area of a chart, that all may be common with others. But with only 12 signs and many many more types of personalities walking around, it's not easy to just catagorize people into one sign or another. You may be very Taurus-like with regard to work, but very much like a Sag when at home, or whatever....all 12 signs appear somewhere in ones chart. ETC.

I'm still full and tired from all the holiday festivities so forgive my ramblings...
I lost the original response to your older post on astro but I really wanted to throw my two cents in at some point.
Wishes of peace to you and yours in the new year!
Chat again soon. Mary :)

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