15 January 2008 - An Image A Day

I took a bunch of images today, so selecting the best of the lot was no easy task...

I lied - this was the winner hands down. I made a note in mid-April and late July to do this again with those week's current payrolls to show the difference... this stack is the whole stack for the second week in January and it is maybe half the size of the sixth department inseason! I just really was amused by this...

It took me a half an hour to run this. It was the easiest one to date! But that is the beauty of January.

I love the normal feel of work - people coming and going, all enjoying themselves, the busy kitchen, the frenetic pace of the various departments on special days... but I also appreciate the shut down period, when there is just a skeleton staff and no members or guests. The building is dark and quiet and lovely, as though taking a well-earned nap. The floors have been spit-shined and polished, things repainted, furniture refinished and renewed. When we opened this morning, it was all perfect and shiny and new as though the depredations of the past busy season were all wiped away, ready for the 2008 season.

Others said that the building was eerie, but I never thought that. And I am sure that the ghosts all agreed with me - the respite is nice!


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