Another Birthday

I normally love my birthday and I still do... but this was a big one and I thought it would be... bigger.

It was a good party, with about 15 guests total. The food was incredible. The room was good. The company was great. There were 25 more people that had been invited but some were unable to make it and many just did not say anything. A small few said they'd come and did not.

The best surprise in the world was that Renee and Alex came to the event from Maryland. I was delighted beyond words. And they brought my uncle, who was very sweet and hugged me and said some really wonderful things. I loved having Renee and Alex there the most and we cheered when our really great DJ, Bob Albrecht, played Code Monkey, Chiron Beta Prime, The Presidents and I Feel Fantastic. He also played Barenaked Ladies, Rammstein, Coldplay and tons of other good songs. He played 40s, 50s, 60, minimal 70s, 80s, 90s and current music. (I asked for minimal 70s music. I think that disco was a huge unerasable mistake!

It was a great time and I had fun, even though the room was echoingly empty and there was no one there. Just the 16 of us total. I may have small casual parties at the house from time to time.

No more big parties for me. The disappointment of all those who did not come was entirely too much.

I got a lot of nice things from my friends and family and attendees. I got eight books (yay!), two DVDs, two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, body lotion and two small candles. I suspect a couple more things may arrive, but I'm not unhappy with what I got. Luis is going to take an image or two that I took and have them blown up and framed for the walls. And a watch that is incredible but too big for my tiny little wrist!

I love the watch. It is amazing. But I love everything I got. The books are all going to be such fun to read!

I guess the biggest disappointment was that absolutely nothing happened at work, something I have never had happen before. I wasn't expecting anything unbelievable - but something small and a card? Wow. I hate to think that I am so unpopular that no one wanted to do anything... I was hoping that when I came in Thursday morning, my door would be decorated.

I just found the whole thing to be a giant letdown.


CrystalChick said…
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Aislinge
Happy Birthday to you

You are very lucky I'm not singing in person!

And here are some candles for the imaginary cake I'm holding.


It's sugar/fat free of course because it's blogger cake, so you can have a couple of pieces with no guilt!

Even tho you are a bit disappointed with the number of attendees, atleast now you know next time a small casual party at home would work better.
Glad to hear the food, company, gifts were all so nice!
Maybe some of the people who weren't able to attend had gotten sick? I lost ALL of last week due to family illnesses and have had to shuffle the schedule since. I'm sure you were in alot of their thoughts.
I think that even though you hoped for things to be a little different, you're happy with yourself and your life and don't really need validation from others. People will let you down, if you let them. I find that over and over again and my hubby always reminds me to not expect anything at all from certain ones and when something does happen, even small, it can be appreciated.
If you want your door decorated at work, then just decorate it! Do it up big... maybe for Valentine's Day and tell the world you love yourself. :)

So happy birthday to YOU! Get on out there and start making a new years worth of happy memories!
Hugs, Mary

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