60 Minutes and Facebook

Well... I was logging off as they talked about the unbelievable amount of rape occuring in Congo... but then that ended and this thing about Facebook came on. At first I thought that this was another meat market, like MySpace, but now it sounds really interesting. So... I am going to go on Facebook and see if any old friends find me. To a point, they may - but I've changed my name and never publish to original one (no, I'm not running from the law or staying low from defrauding someone).

I never liked my original name and having had this one for eight years, I won't put it out there.

So let me see what Facebook looks like...



CrystalChick said…
I recently got a facebook account because my sister and nephew had one but I didn't find it that interesting. I have a cafemom one too, but didn't get too into that either. Maybe I just didn't take the time to log and load stuff in?

I really prefer blogger to all of them even myspace at this time, altho I still go on there for messages between me and a couple girlfriends and to look at friends pictures.
Today I am at the library doing a couple brief emails as my computer is down. :( It's really a mess this time. Hopefully I'll be back online soon.

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