A Fun Time and A Clean House

Well, the tree was everything I imagined and more. Every needle was off the tree by the time I stripped the lights, got it undone from the base and dragged it out of the living room, down the stairs and out of the front door, bopping away all the time to the music on my iPod. I left enough needles that the floor was dangerously slippery.

The clean up of the needles was the most time consuming and was enough work that I was actually sweating. I don't often sweat like that. But I got a lot of the needles off the floor and out of the carpeting. It was worth it.

After getting the tree out and cleaning up the needles, I began picturing what to do with the furniture, always a tricky part of the equation. The fact is, I won't be having to worry about the old crappy furniture that is in there now for very long... Once we get the fireplace, Luis' plan is for us to ship for new furniture, as that room will become our primary room (the fireplace and the telly will be there instead of in the sunroom where I am sitting now). But still... I have some time prior to that event - the township of Parsippany has the Fireplace Place's application and knowing them, will sit on that for some time. So that is around 3 - 4 weeks. Then the building and customisation and installation. I'm guessing mid-February. I have no idea when the sound people are coming to wire up the house for our new telly surround sound and the house-wide music. I know they came to scope out the house, but that is all.

I played around with the reconfiguring the furniture and finally came up with a general look that I liked and ran with it. I'm still happy with it, and have realised that having that room as the primary room will have distinct benefits... such as room to comfortably do my yoga DVDs, something that is impossible in this 10' x 12' room. (If the room had nothing in it I'd have no problem but once you take away the space from the couch, the table, the telly, etc. there is a very small amount of floor space left.

Still, the day ended nicely with me pulling out my yoga mat and having a good work out before bed to relax.


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