Cinn's Saturday 5

[01] What is your reaction to the results of the Casey Anthony trial?

I'm tired of it. The fact is we will never know what happened. So I feel the jury did the best they could with what they had. That is it.

[02] Do you think the President and congress will be able to resolve the current debt issues?

No, not unless some magic force gives him the answer. I do feel overpopulation and illegal immigrants are not helping the issues.

[03] What do you think of teaching "gay history" in public schools?

Absolutely! Please allow that. I feel teaching tolerance and history - accurate history - is very important.

[04] Do you think a presidential candidate's religious affiliation should affect his/her ability to be a bi-partisan president?

Wow. Sure. Do any of them really have it, though?

[05] Will there be an NFL season this fall?

The bigger question is do I care if there will be an NFL season? I suspect you can guess my answer...!


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