Mastering the Mac-Mini

We've had this device for... what... probably six months, maybe more. No, it must be more. We got my father one for Christmas (he has not yet been able to blow it from visiting bad porn sites with little nasties to kill one's PC. So we have had ours longer...)

Don't laugh. Hackers are not all that interested in going after Apple computers. The percentage of users is considerably lower than PC; and then there is Sony.

If you have been paying any attention to C-Net podcasts, which we get on our TiVO (don't say it...), you would see that Sony has been having major hacker problems. They developed their new system that came out sometime in (I think) March, and threw down the gauntlet to the Hacker community, but bragging how hacker-proof this system is. At least count, some 80,000,000 accounts were very easily AND very successfully hacked.

I'm not a personal fan of hackers. Doing wretched things to end-users and stealing is criminal at any level. On the other hand, I certainly understand the desire - nay, physical need to shove someone's face in the unassailable truth of how wrong and challenging a statement like that is. If I were a hacker, I'd have done the same exact thing - just to prove them wrong.

That might not sound nice, but there is a need in all of us to keep our pride intact when it comes to that which we know. I know that almost any system can be hacked. Why piss off the powers that be and seemingly purposely goad them into this?

That was not what this post is about, but you get the idea.

The Mac-Mini is a small box, maybe seven inches long, seven inches wide and a whopping 1.5" high. It's very non-descript, just a small white box that quietly sits there with no moving parts. But that tiny box easily holds tonnes of data. It is absolutely staggering how much it holds. In our iTunes alone it has 18,000 songs (which I am busily adding to as I type). And it does this - I'm not on my laptop or my desktop, I'm sitting here with a small keyboard looking up at the 54" telly hanging on the wall over the fireplace. Pretty neat, eh?

It doesn't get much better than this, really! But as with all things Gomez, this means I have some new device I have to learn all over again. Now, in Luis' defense, he is a programmer and really can't help himself. On the other hand, it drives me crazy that I need to start from scratch and learn some new toy because he can't help himself.

It's a conundrum...

I enjoy "griping" about it, but it is in the nature of teasing, more than an honest complaint. He picks all this up like magic while I struggle to retain the most basic things... ggggrrr-r-r-r-r-r-r! But in the whole house you can see this phenomena at work. Two flat screen HDTVs with one TiVo apiece and an absolutely massive battery back up. Each telly also has a full sound system, Blu-Ray DVD player, access to NetFlix, Pandora, etc. Those of you who know Luis know that he is entertained provided he has access to a: 1. monitor, television or theatre size screen - or his Palm Pri(?) - it's an old SmartPhone that he loves and isn't willing to get an iPhone.

Have you seen MY phone? It makes and receives calls - no camera, no text messages allowed, nothing. I'm perfectly happy with it - until last week when someone showed me the app SkyWatch (or something like that). With this I could triangulate my telescope in moments to find what I'm looking for!

I WANT that! Damn!

But for now, right this moment, I am content to sit here and listen to Coldplay while ripping new music into iTunes, typing in my blog, downloading music from the inexpensive music Web site... oops, did I say that? And working on our new ambulance information. All on the mondo television of doom!


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