Sunday Seven - Episode #299

I really hope you played last week’s edition of the Sunday Seven, but if you didn’t, that’s okay.

Last week, I asked you to list seven things you were grateful for that week. It’s often easy to come up with a handful of things that you’re grateful for. But what if you had to come up with more than a handful?

Are you really aware of how much you have to be thankful for?

This week’s question requires an adjustment in your mindset depending on whether you played last week. If you answered last week’s question, then you must list seven things you didn’t list last week.

If you didn’t play last week, make yourself a list of seven things, then take a few moments and make another list of seven. That second set will be harder…and that’s the point. Give me items 8-14 on your list.

That’s this week’s challenge!

Oh, that's not fair! You saw that comment and did this! Yikes.

1. Vacation time (more than I could possibly know what to do with) so Luis and I can travel

2. Thai food restaurant across the street for dinner

3. My cats - the best company in the world and fur for days when I feel down

4. My iPod - music to sooth the savage breast (you didn't really think it was to "sooth the savage beast, did you?)

5. The day in NYC, hot though it was!

6. Thunderstorms to cool off the 100°F temperatures

7. Still very grateful to be here and enjoying life! And to Aetna, for shipping (finally!) my meds so I can do so.

For Sunday Seven #300, let's do something else, ha, ha!


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