Sunday, 17 July 2011


(Swiped from Sweet Memes, who swiped it from Kwizgiver)

1) listening: Coldplay

2) eating: nothing but want a salt bagel, lightly buttered

3) drinking: Cranberry-peach flavoured water

4) wearing: blue lounge pants, top that reads "Heart (shaped like a heart) breaker" and slippers

5) feeling: like I have the flu (which I do)

6) weather: Beautiful - 77°F, humidity at 69% and dropping (it is only 0900). It will likely get to the mid- to high 80s and the humidity has been around 35% this summer - a lovely change from the usual 80%!

7) wanting: To feel better

8) needing: Just my health would be nice

9) thinking: about memes

10) enjoying: life in general, just not the flu...

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