Last Week's Poll

For the last two weeks I had the poll up that asked this question:

"Do you think people like Kate Gosselin and the Duggars should parade their children on television to make a buck?"

I was more than happy to see that the poll had 6 responses. Here is the breakdown:

Yes - they are living the American dream (1 vote, 16%)

No - it is potentially damaging to the children (4 votes, 66%)

I would do it in a minute if I thought I could get rich (0 votes)

I don't know (1 vote, 16%)

I was gratified to see most people went for option number two. The first and third are disturbing, and the last one is at least honest like the second one. For some, the idea would not be just to get rich, but to possibly look at it from the standpoint of supporting all the children and ensuring that most, all or any who wish have the option to go to college or some kind of tertiary education. For many parents, that is important.

This was an interesting poll to do - most people, I think, had a good feel for this and most if not all Americans know about one if not both families. So now it is time to come up with the question of the [next two] week(s) to post until 31 July. Stay tuned!


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