Hooray for New York and Passing Same-Sex Marriage!

I'm delighted and happy to know that finally people can get married in New York no matter what gender the bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom (or however one wishes to phrase it) may be! Finally, a state that understands and bestowed its blessings on all couples.

It has only taken far too long for this to happen.

California, which appeared to be a modern and open-minded state, began granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in June 2008 and then repealed that in November 2008, thanks to Proposition 8, which labeled marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I used to think highly of the state of California until that happened. How stupid is that?

But New York has turned around and made it possible for couples - regardless of same-sex or not - to take vows, walk down the aisle, or whatever they wish in order to legalise their union. And I say, "Yahoo! for New York and same-sex couples!" I have always felt very strongly for this and it is none of the public's business if two men, two women or one man and woman wish to be married. People should be allowed to married. Any details after that are just gravy!

So People Magazine had an article this week in it entitled "Just MARRIED" about couples who went straightaway to the state on 24 July and said, "Please marry us!" We have Rhonda Otten and Debra Curtis, Stephanie Spahr and Theresa LaFroscia, Paul Sibley-Schreiber and Mark Sibley-Screiber, Cerrone Lundy and Richard Lundy, Da'onna Johnson and Amanda Johnson, Stephen Dimmick and Jonathan South who all tied the knot that day; and then those saving the date: Dana LePage and Cynthia Stallard, Daniel O'Donnell and John Banta, Melissa Howard and Danna Davis, Malcolm Haris and K. Tyson Perez and then, the most adorable couple, Richard Dorr, age 84 and John Mace, age 91, who have been together for six decades! And these are two cutest, sweetest men here. CONGRATULATIONS!

I love New York. I'm proud to have been born there. I just hope I live to see the other 44 states change their policies to allow same-sex marriage. Currently, only Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and the District of Columbia legally allow same-sex marriages, but I have to believe that some day the other 44 states will eventually recognise human rights above all else,and not just rights for those who fit within the "socially accepted norm" or whatever dopiness that currently runs the majority.

It really does not affect anyone else what one or many couples do - so what if two women or two men want to get married? Are they traipsing all over your rights to marry someone of the opposite gender? I think not. Let it go. You don't have to do it, you don't have to like it; but you don't need to butt into another person's business to not support it, either. Live and let live. Learn to be a better, more tolerant person. Try it, at least - you may be missing out on a lot of great friendships by being so closed to other people.

And so again, I say proudly and loudly, "Hooray for New York!"


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