Getting the Car Inspected

I'm incredibly fortunate - I have a ten year old Acura with 99,400 miles on it that runs like a champion. I take excellent care of it and it takes excellent care of me. I had to take it today for inspection, which should have been a fast process (being the middle of the month and a Wednesday at 0915, but apparently everyone else had the same idea.)

And then the shock of it... I'd heard that New Jersey was going to change the inspection process from checking the lamps, mirrors, brakes, undercarriage and emissions to just checking the emissions. I found that hard to believe and incredibly stupid, but it was really obvious that this was all they checked. No one walked around with a mirror to look under it and the brake check system (those long metal pieces in the floor) was not used. I passed inspection with flying colours, but no one did anything! They even gave up the pleasure of torturing me over the blue light on my dash.


I guess this change will make people with older cars happier, but to me it seems like gross negligence. Those inspections guaranteed that a modicum of safety was being followed - checking lights and brakes, for example. Now, no one will bother since the state doesn't seem to care. I find that really shocking. I check my lights periodically and we check our ambulances every night (which includes sirens, air horn and all the scene lights and flashers), but most people have no clue what shape their vehicle is in.



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