Saturday Six - Episode #380

For many people, beating this ridiculous summer heat means taking the plunge in a swimming pool. So the subject of swimming is the theme of this week’s set of questions!

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1. At what age (if at all) did you learn to swim? Honestly? Hell if I know. As far as I know, I've always known how to swim. I know it is not really innate knowledge, so I must've learned very young.

2. Some educators have proposed that swimming lessons be mandatory for children. Do you think this is a good idea? Absolutely. How could it not be a good idea? When we get calls for drownings, they are almost always "recovery" not rescues. That is the worst thing.

3. How often do you hang out with friends at a swimming pool? Any chance I get. Unfortunately, the local pool costs are prohibitive and my parents no longer open the pool. Ray and I used to do this every May, but between the two of us, it is more work than either of us want to do. It is a lot of heavy work to open and close the pool every season.

4. Have you ever been thrown into a pool with your clothes on? Is there anyone who hasn't been? Really? Today you could have thrown me into the various statuary with fountains and I'd have been grateful!

5. How often do you visit a beach? Well, I should be specific - I am not a beach person - I am an ocean person. Nothing sounds as boring as sitting on a beach, but I can spend hours swimming in the ocean. Or walking along the shore and jetties and taking images of the water. I love the ocean. I haven't been to the ocean in a couple of years; but we are going on Tuesday, so I will see it soon! Now that I am retired I will see it much more.

6. When were you last in a boat? Hmmmm... good question. I think in 2007 I went on a boat ride in the Mead. I had done a tour of the Hoover Dam and wanted to cool down.


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