Sunday Seven #297

To get in the right frame of mind for this week’s question, I invite you watch this short, but very amusing video: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook.

How do you feel about social media? Do you have one account with every service, from Twitter to Facebook? Are you already on the new Google+?

Or are you dead set against joining any such service and still don’t see what the fuss is about?

Either way, this week’s question might be one you can play! Thanks for stopping by!

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Name seven things you dislike most about social media.

Okay, that was amusing! And some of those very points are true.

1. My top gripe about social media (which is only Facebook anyway) is the baby thing. I know people love their kids, but it seems incredibly unsafe to use their images as your identifying image. To what benefit is that? To show that they're cute? That's a given. But with all the warnings about kids and predatory adults, this seems unilaterally wrong.

2. Some of things people put up there are things I don't want to know. I get that people want to talk about their lives (why do you think I have a blog?) but I didn't sign up to know about how much JD you can ingest or your favourite bedroom activity. Thanks for those permanently damaging mental images that I have to live with...

3. The FB Pissing Contest. People tend to air negative comments about others; hold fights online; how about the unbelievable amount of bullying that now can take place after school? I'm bloody grateful this was not around when I went to school.

4. Images. Remember those disturbing mental images? Don't put the real thing up. I'll be in therapy for years...

5. Selling. Too often I've gotten friend requests from friends with multiple home businesses and then I'm swamped with sales pitches. I have a few who don't do that and I appreciate it. But the ones who do... slap, slap. I appreciate the link to your professional page, which is great. But when just "chatting" with me, then just chat. That's why I found you - friendship.

6. The games thing. I don't play Yoville, Farmville, Cityville or any other "ville" there is. I don't want to be a vampire in your undead creatures army. I don't want to collect farm animals. I do everything online but not games. I want to hold cards, board pieces, etc. in my hands.

7. Um... I think that is the whole list for me. In general, I like the social media, I enjoy communicating a lot. I avoid the items above, and we're all quits on that. Other people's bad habits are not mine, so that works out for all of us. And I'm only on Facebook - not Twitter, not MySpace, just FB. One's enough.


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