Sunday Seven #298

Several times recently, “Thanking God” has been a trending topic on Twitter.

What if you had to list seven things from the past week that you’re thankful for in your own life? Could you do it?

That’s this week’s challenge!

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Name seven things you’re thankful for this week.

Wow. seven things in one week that I'm grateful for... hmmm. That is a tough one.

1. Sunny weather with low humidity. This summer has been unusual in that instead of 90 F with 93% humidity it has been in the same temperature range but with low, low humidity - maybe 40% at most. That may not sound like much if you live in the desert, but it is delightful here. This is the first summer where I haven't been wishing it was autumn already.

2. Seeing the starry sky - again, the simple things in life mean the most. I have been having the best time seeing the night sky despite the light pollution. It's again the low humidity.

3. The thunderstorm on Wednesday. You may be sitting there thinking, "So what?" but I do love thunderstorms and all that they do. And this one produced an unexpected bounty:

4. Wednesday's rainbow. This is not a once in a lifetime item, but it is not commonplace, either. The primary rainbow, seen so well in the posted image, even has a visible - to the camera - indigo stripe. But the secondary rainbow that former outside the primary was faint and did not photograph so well. It could be that I need to play with the camera aperture to get that. But am I grateful for it? You bet! It was the simplest of things - light refracted through water - but the most captivating to see.

5. Books (or as I would say, the printed word). Some things in life bring indescribable joy. With a movie, one's perception of things is now moulded into that image. In books, no matter what the author saw, you are able to see it as you like. Characters conform to your imagination now. But I like reading the For Dummies" series and The Complete Idiot's Guide to..." books, and that is usually history. Unless you try Feng Sui for Dummies, which will just kill you with how complicated and boring this is. I'll stick with my unlucky house, thanks. This week I'm grateful for British History for Dummies, which is what is keeping me occupied.

6. Luis. Few things are as good to me as my husband.

7. (which is really the number one answer in importance) Life. Every day I spend above ground is good, and very, very few if any days go by where I don't appreciate something for its beauty or how it changes my perception of things. Which at the end of the day, are all the things that make me... me.

Seven things to be grateful for in one week. Not bad!


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