Four for Friday - 28 January

Q1 - Life: Talking about yours for a moment (i.e., the fact that you're among the living)... Do you think of life as a right or privilege, and how does your answer impact the way you live your life?

It is a privilege. I have a genetic condition, so I consider each day above ground a good one. I enjoy every day, even the ones when I feel terrible, and do my best to see the magic in them.

collegeimage.jpgQ2 - Unexplained: Incidents of mass animal deaths have been reported in the U.S. and around the world in the past two months. Thousands of dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas on New Year's Eve, following a massive fish kill just 100 miles away days earlier. In the week following, other mass bird deaths were reported in nearby Louisiana and Kentucky. Birds were also reported to fall dead from the sky in Italy and Sweden, and more recently similar incidents have been reported in California and Alabama. Mass fish kills have also been reported in Chicago, Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand, along with 40,000 dead crabs that washed ashore on England beaches. Are you concerned about these incidents? What do you think is causing them?

I am concerned and I would have to say the safe money is on humanity causing them. Say, oil spills, garbage dumping, chemical dumping, etc. I'm opposed to us going to Mars to Terra-form it as well. It's not ours to destroy...

Q3 - College: According to the authors of the new book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, 45 percent of college students show no significant improvement in the key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by the end of their sophomore years, while after four years, 36 percent of students do not demonstrate significant improvement. Do you feel college improved your critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing? If not, what did?

Honestly I've never spent so much as a day in college, so I am not at all hung up on it. I was an executive for a private golf club, so I didn't suffer as a result of not going. I feel that reading really contributed to my success in anything. I am an avid reader, or as I put it, I'm addicted to the printed word!

Q4 - Exercise: Do you have a regular exercise routine? If not, what routine runs thru your head as being something you think or wish you could go do on a regular basis?

Yoga - I love yoga. Works out the body, relaxes the mind!


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