Adam Ant, Where Art Thou?

My cousin sent me a link to Stand & Deliver on YouTube, and I put it on. All I could think was, "Damn! How hot is he?" Adam Ant is hot. He's 56 now (for some reason I was thinking we were closer in age, but he is 13 years older than I am), looks totally different. I'd still love to meet him and thank him for the many years of company and great music. (When I was a teenager, they kept me "company". I found solace in music.

I did see him (with Marco) live at the theatre in Passaic (I knew the name of it a minute ago and it has promptly left my mind... the monkey mind that I have) for the Friend or Foe tour. I loved it! He was just as active and nuts on the stage as in all the videos Renee and I watched (Stand & Deliver, Prince Charming, Ant Rap, AntMusic, Dog Eat Dog, etc.). And just as hot! I thought they were all great (the Ants) but Adam is always my favourite - dark hair, blue-grey eyes, great lips, wonderful squared chin (if you ask me what the facial feature I notice first is, it is the chin. Then I look at the eyes. But a good masculine chin with a cleft - that is yummy!

Hey, we all have our little weirdness, right?

Ah, Adam Ant... how many fantasies did I have about him (countless, so stop trying to think of a number.). He still inspires hotness!

Thanks, Adam!


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