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There are some things that Blogger lets one do that is fun, and one of them is to create a voting poll for people to throw in their opinion. For the last two weeks or so I had one up. The question was, "Who do you think will be left for the Primaries?" This might be a loaded question, especially since I have the feeling that most of my 26 regulars are from other countries and the primaries are getting into a specific kind of voting - and I hate to admit it, but most of the voting structure is confusing to me...

The answers I had were:

President Obama
Sarah Palin
Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee
Rudy Guiliani
Donald Trump

I don't think The Donald has plans to run any longer, and I have long since changed my mind about him, but one of the four voters did select him. Two selected the current President and one selected Mitt Romney.

I personally still have no idea. I don't care for any of the Republican runners. This will sound terrible, but the idea of having "President Huckabee" is so repugnant, I just can't believe it. Let's further the notion that Americans are hillbillies with this as the name of our president...

Of course, Sarah Palin is too stupid to run but the only one who hasn't figured that out is Sarah. Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt and go with the idea that she isn't really that stupid but a nervous and abysmally poor speaker, well, do we want to be represented by another W. - someone who sounds stupid? (I think W. was stupid, but some have said he just isn't a good speaker. Well, there's a ringing indictment. I think this job, much like being King in England, is one where public speaking IS a key part of the job.)

Mitt Romney was unsuccessful last election year... maybe this will be his year, maybe not. It remains to be seen. Clearly last election's John McCain likely realised he is too old at this point and Ron Paul seems to have dropped off the planet but he's also a little long in the tooth for the job.

Rudy Guiliani... now, here is an interesting candidate! I might actually feel good about voting for him.

I just now made the mistake of looking up the current list of Republican candidates for the 2012 primaries... ye gods. Thirteen people have announced that they are running and wow - you should see some of them. The last guy looks like he stepped out of the asylum for this. You can go here to see the contestants:,_2012.

This list is:
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul (my bad - I guess he is still going for this)
Michelle Bachmann
Herman Cain
Newt Gingrich
John Huntsman, Jr.
Gary Johnson
Fred Karger
Andy Martin
Jimmy McMillan
Tim Pawlenty
Rick Santorum
Jonathon Sharkey

My goodness. I certainly hope most of these folks disappear, but usually they do anyway. And Sharkey... with that fresh from a job serial killer look, he'll be first off the list. Let's see what the Democratic Party has. I can't imagine it isn't a free-for-all right now...

Apparently there is only one other serious (or maybe "current" is the better word) candidate running for the Democratic Party, a pro-lifer named Randall Terry from New York. I certainly hope he crawls back under whatever rock he crawled out of - Roe v. Wade is precious to me and millions of others and I hate to see someone like this get anywhere near the oval office. It said under his name that he planned to show aborted fetuses (feti?) during the 2012 Super Bowl. (Something tells me that the telly advertising folks wouldn't allow that, but quite frankly, pro-life or pro-choice, that kind of thing would prove to be a turn-off.)

There are two additions to the ungodly large Republican pool of shark-- candidates: Roy Moore and Buddy Roemer. My, my, they are just coming out of the woodwork.

Oh, look at this... there is a Green Party, mounting two candidates (Kent Mesplay, Stewart Alexander) and a Libertarian Committee, with R. Lee Wrights. Wonder if he is lawyer, by any chance... Anyone else coming to the party? There is! A Prohibition Party guy - who obviously is a teetotaler, James Hedges. Good luck with that. Taking alcohol away from people will not get one elected to anything. Even me - I don't drink at all, but that is my personal choice, not one I would push onto others. And who else... two Independents, Robert "Naked Cowboy" Burck and Joe Shriner.

And there are prospective candidates. For the Democrats, Alvin Greene; for the Republicans, Sarah Palin, Rudy Guiliani, John Bolton, Thad McCotter, George Pataki and Rick Perry; and for the Constitutional Party, Virgil Goode.

I took a quick look at Jonathon Sharkey. He is representing both the Republican Party (sure to be an embarrassment to the rest of 'em) and the "Vampires, Witches & Pagans Party". Now, as much as I would love to see pagans represented here, this is not my first - or even last - choice. The guy admits to drinking women's blood! (There is a line that even I'm not interested in crossing for the job of President of the United States. Here it is!) I don't mind if he belongs to 50 different covens and wants to do the vampire thing with 50 different women - shiver - but what can I say? We as Americans go nuts when the leader of the free world is sleeping with someone other than his spouse, something that we should have long since gotten over. Imagine having a blood-sucking vampire in the office! That would be a wow-factor, wouldn't it?

[I have to wonder if drinking 50 women's blood is akin to sleeping with 50 women - and by proxy, sleeping with all of their other partners. There's a heartwarming thought, eh? He'll be dead before he reaches the Oval office from Hep C... not that he's got a prayer of any kind of reaching it, not even on a tour of the White House!]

That is one scary list of people.


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