Four for Friday 23 Aug 2010

Q1 - Stop and Count: How many cosmetics or personal care products do you use over the course of an average day? Zero. None. I don't wear cosmetics. I have a couple of things left over from when I was a teenager in the early 80s, and that is it. I'll never buy any cosmetics.

Q2 - Deeds: What percentage of good deeds do you feel you do out of generosity versus the ones you do out of the avoidance of guilt? Neither. I am an EMT to give something back to the township and because I'm an excitement junkie - I love the rush. So I have mostly personal reasons to do it. I certainly don't feel guilty about anything.

Q3 - Find Me: Facebook launched a location-based check-in tool this week called Places. Similar to Foursquare, Facebook Places allows you to share where you are, find out where your friends are and discover new places. Would you want your friends and others on Facebook to know where you are? No, not really. But then, I don't have a cell phone that has texting, let alone Internet access. So I can only be in so many places - my house, the squad house, my parents' house or somewhere with my laptop.

Q4 - Happiness: A couple of years ago I asked "How do you define happiness?" Mixing it up a bit, what do you believe is the secret to your happiness? I define happiness as being alive and seeing things - the things that others no longer see - the beauty of a gorgeous sunrise and/or sunset, dew-strewn grass and flowers, a fiery thunderstorm with cloud-to-cloud lightning. That is the secret to happiness.


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