Sometimes You Get What You Want...

...I wanted a day in the hammock and I got it...

But it wasn't as satisfying as it normally is. Had I done it yesterday it would have been much more worthwhile. Yesterday was a little cooler, with nice breezes and blue skies all along. That would have been ideal. Instead I traded that for today, which was sullenly hot (and far worse when the sun managed to shine on me), with non-moving air, hazy skies, humidity to some degree and in the rare event of a soft breeze it was a cold, wet zephyr. What the hell...?

Now it looks overcast and unfriendly just like it has last several days (excepting yesterday). Groan.

Upcoming weather: it figures. A whole weekend of overcast, showers, possible thunderstorms (I know I love thunderstorms but not so much that I want them getting in the way of my hammock-bonding time. Unless we had non-stop thunderstorms - that would be pretty amusing. I meant to say "amazing" but amusing works as well.

Hmmm... for some reason I am suddenly terribly overheated. Excuse me...

I ate the rest of my sherbet. I guess it cooled me off, since I woke up with a cover on. A throw, I mean. I have to wonder what is going on. It's not menopause - I'm too young for it and one doesn't sweat when the internal thermostat goes haywire. It's an internal problem; otherwise it wouldn't be nearly as frustrating when it happens. So I don't know what it is all about, although sometimes my medication does that. However, I've only noticed the phenomenon when I've taken it on an empty stomach, not with dinner.

Part of the issue with my hammock is that the rope stretches. I get that, but it keeps stretching so that it needs to be adjusted. Otherwise, my ass starts to hit the ground. I managed to adjust one side of it so that it was a little higher, but when I try to get out of it, then it is way too low. Luis tells me to roll out of it, but when the weather has been wet, that means my knees and hands end up covered in mud. I hate that.

I asked Colin if he could adjust it, but I don't know if he did. I need to look. If it stretches more, I'll really have a problem. I hope he did stop and do that. He didn't need me to do it, the hammock is outside. I want to sit in it at night, but none of the nights have been nice enough. And the full Moon went by unseen. Sigh.


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