Sometimes a Miss, Sometimes a Hit!

Summer telly hits are tough to find, but the channels are slowly coming around to the fact that life in the twenty-first century doesn't involving being out of doors during the off-school weeks. Now those few are realising the cash cow in primo-advertising all year-round.

Where Franklin & Bash was a total failure, the new show Suits, on USA, is a hit. It has humour but it is serious, too. Instead of immersing itself in the gutter, it is witty without being crass. Quite frankly, how Franklin & Bash made it on the air is a mystery.

As usual, Drop Dead Diva is as great as its last two seasons and promises to get better. I'm looking forward to Eureka although with mixed feelings - last season was not its finest, going too far with one plot line and changing everything moving forward. A show in its third or fourth season should not need to resort to that - it's usually a bad sign when they do.

One show that I am enjoying thoroughly, however, is Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. The man has an incredibly mellifluous voice and speaks beautifully. He narrates this show which revolves around astronomy, time, black holes, etc. All the topics that make creationists go crazy! I live for this kind of show and while The Cosmos by Carl Sagan will always rate high, it was a show that was 30 years old and this is a science that has grown in leaps and bounds since his time.

There is another show coming up that I slated to record but I can't recall the name - it is on the HD Science channel an about space travel, so I'm sure I will love it. Education is never a waste.


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