Sunday Seven #294

Since it’s Father’s Day, I figured a father-themed question would be in order. If you didn’t grow up with a dad in your life, you can substitute your mom in the question.

Thanks for playing!

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Name seven cool or interesting things you’d tell people about your dad.

There are far more than seven interesting things about my father, but here are the top seven!

1. He's bald, but doesn't care. When he was younger he wore a really well-made wig (let's face it, the most criminal thing in the world aside from a comb-over is a crappy rug), but when he went white, he just stopped wearing it and looks great!

2. He can do almost anything household related, not just electrical work(he was an electrician for over 25 years). He avoids plumbing but otherwise can do it all.

3. He can do math in his head that in a month of Sundays with a calculator I could never manage.

4. He is a top-of- the-lne cook, all on his own - no courses, no studying, just does it.

5. He is a warm and fuzzy kind of guy that everyone likes.

6. He used to throw me in the air and tickle me and play kiddie games with me when I was a kid. (I remember we got an Atari console. We played Pong! for hours. How cool is that?)

7. (This is a little weird, but still cool.) He got me into jigsaw puzzles. This is the weird part: he ordered two jigsaw puzzles from Playboy. They were two different Playmates of the year (I think they were 1978). We worked on one then the other. These were not X-rated puzzles, this is Playboy - just models standing posed who happened to be nude. If I could look like one of them, that'd be just fine. We had a lot of fun putting them together, and it formed one of the biggest relaxing (and only mathematically challenging) things I can do - without even thinking about it (yes, I'm very good with jigsaw puzzles - usually 3,000 pieces).

Happy father's day to a really great Dad!


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