Movies and Television - What are We Getting?

This is an okay movie - I stayed away from it in the movie theatre because it looked like just another action movie. But Luis put it on and it seems interesting. I'm of two minds about Tom Cruise - he's a good actor, but not such a good person. And a scientologist - shiver... that is the living end of weirdness.

The movie also has Cameron Diaz in it. She's okay, too. I like her voice work from the Shrek movies more than I like her in movies. But this movie seemed to have worked well and they had good chemistry.

However, I am much more enthusiastic about this episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation than I am the movie. This episode is "Cold Blooded" and it has as the main theme a kid who was bitten by a dinosaur! This is a good episode - I loved it when it first aired and I still love it. Okay, Hodges is annoying but that is what he is like. And he makes a good foil for the rest of the staff. I suppose every show has to have its annoying, obsequious character to make it worthwhile.

I'm not usually overenthusiastic about movies, and I don't record many hours of watching material. But I like to think what I watch has more substance. Certainly compared to Luis this is true. He watches disgusting shows, like The Life of the American Teenager which really sends the wrong message. Apparently the producers of the show did not actually talk to any teenagers when embarking on this nightmare. While it may be that they think there is an object lesson in this (communicating to teens that teenage pregnancy is a HUGE negative), the real lesson that teens I know are getting is that becoming pregnant will elevate your status and give you something to love that will love you back. WRONG MESSAGE!

There are a lot of poor viewing choices on the telly. Yes, I realise I am not saying anything you didn't already know. Even the History channel has gotten some weird stuff on. However, look Pawn Stars. I know it sounds like "porn stars" and clearly that was aim, but put it on some time. You will not only learn how duplicitous people are (a huge number of forgeries show up there); and how greedy people are (they think the object they brought in is worth 1. far more than it is and 2. they can get top dollar from guys who need to turn this object around and resell it); but also how much history there is to something and the true value.

The main players are family: The Old Man, Richard Harrison (the father), Rick Harrison (the son) and "Big Hoss" Craig Harrison (the grandson) comprise the brains of the operation. They know heaps about so many different things. Rick is my personal favourite - I understand completely how he feels about historical items. Take the print that someone brought in - the WANTED post for John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot and killed President Lincoln, unarguably the best president this country ever had. Well, it was a huge disappointment to both the owner and Rick that the post he brought in was a replication. But the expert who came to see and verify the authenticity of the post had the real deal. Rick offered him $100,000 to take of his hands (I've never seen him do that before!) but the owner wanted $180,000. I would have made an offer if I'd had that kind of money - imagine what a piece of history that is!

I thought somewhere I posted that I found a show that looked interesting called "Franklin & Bash" on TNT or something. It aired last week on Wednesday. The review in People Magazine had compared it to Boston Legal but I disagree. While Boston Legal had its sense of the ridiculous, it was not as crass and debasing as this show. So it was a mistake that I am stuck with because Luis, of course being the master of bad taste, likes it. Ugh.

We all make mistakes.


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