ARTICLE: Josh & Anna Duggar Welcome Son Michael James!

JUST when you thought it was safe:

"The Duggar family continues to grow!

Josh Duggar, 23, –- the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle –- and wife Anna, 22, welcomed their second child, Michael James, on Wednesday, TLC announced. The couple is sticking with their "M" theme, for their children's names. Little Michael James will join big sister MacKynzie, 20 months, at home.

The couple's new son weighed 8 lbs., 5 oz., and arrived at 5:55 PM Tontitown, Ark., according to People, who was first to report the news. The newest Duggar is very close in age to his Aunt Josie (Jim Bob and Michelle's youngest child, who was born premature, but is now healthy), who is only 17 months old. "I think of Josie being born at only 25 weeks," Josh told the mag prior to the birth of his son, "and it makes us think about how precious life is and what a blessing each child is."

The Duggars are back on TLC."

And once again, the ball rolls downhill. This is not the original Duggar family who is on TLC that just had this baby, this is the eldest son. Apparently they are not too bright, either. They have a 20-month-old daughter and now they have another. Mom & Dad, of course, instilled their kids with this same over-the-top breeding program. And so the world can witness how one family can contribute mightily to overpopulating the planet, instead of many of us contributing to it. How delightful.

And then to think that these people are on television! Shame on you, America, for supporting these mental midgets! What are you doing but praising these people for turning this woman into nothing but a baby-making machine and helping the idiot father to keep from having to support this over-sized family!

As one woman commented, "Jesus Christ, it's a vagina, not a clown car!" Another posted, "If Michelle Duggar breastfeeds the babies, she has been lactating for 23 years." Some blessed them for their well-behaved kids (because you should believe everything you see on television), some lambasted them for this insanity. Others commented that they are amazing for not having debt. How crazy is that? The viewing public has done that, not this family (and suddenly it brings to mind the former TLC heavyweights of child abuse, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the idiots who started all this).

And this is what religion has given us? I think not. I know of too many religious people doing the wrong thing and very few spiritual people doing the right thing. And the church is not helping. "Go forth and procreate" made sense when families had ten children in the hopes that two would survive to perpetuate the race, but in this day and age, it is incredibly outmoded thinking.

Let's not get me started on how many single-parent families I am supporting by paying my taxes. I've gone on about this ad nauseum and can still go on about it. So I should stop this minute, before I just repeat myself for the millionth time about this...


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