This Week's Vote

Let's bring the stakes up to something just a wee bit more personal that almost anyone anywhere can have an opinion. This should be quite a bit easier, since many people do have kids and really would do anything to see them protected and raised right. So this new poll, for the next fourteen days, is:

"Do you think people like Kate Gosselin and the Duggars should parade their children on television to make a buck?"

(That sounds like I'm skewed in my opinion, but those of you who read my blog already know that.)


Yes, they are just living the American dream.
No, I think it is wrong and potentially damaging to the kids.
I'd do it in a minute if I thought I could get rich!
I don't know.

(I figured there should be one token answer that was not so tongue-in-cheek.)

So there you go. Hopefully everyone will come out to vote and give their opinion, too!


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