This Is a Rarity! All Three Rigs... the same place!

Every so often, you get to see something that almost never happens.

We got blown out at 18:04, back-up was blown out at 18:05 and third rig was blown out at 18:06. All three of us went out, and all three of us took people to the same hospital. And in order, here is the image:

This is one of those things that might happen once in a decade. But here we are, in order - 66-1 (duty crew), 66-2, and 66-3. That is so cool!

65 pulled this off last year sometime, although they were counting down - 65-3, 65-2, and 65-1. I might have posted that image on here, too. It's just that cool. And it is the rarest confluence of events that we pulled this off - and that they did, too.

That is pretty neat! What are the odds? And then we were graced with this monster storm with cloud to cloud lightning and blustering winds and long, booming thunder. That is the best!


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