Veganism, Vegetarian and PETA

Ah-ha, are you thinking PETA, the crazy terrorist group that throws paint on people wearing fur coats? No. I am not a supporter of that. I love my cats and they live in the lap of luxury, as cats do. However, I eat meat and have no intention of stopping. And since all life lives at the expense of other life...

No, I'm talking about People Eating Tasty Animals. That's the PETA to which I belong. I don't care for beef particularly - I just don't like the taste and I don't feel it is healthy. But I love chicken, shrimp and veal. And I hate to tell you vegans who will eat plants without giving it a second thought, don't you think that if a plant could scream when you yank it from the ground or pull off its fruit or leaves, that it wouldn't yell? Do you think it would just sit there if it were like the apples trees in The Wizard of Oz? No. It would pelt you with its loose apples and branches and tell you to get lost.

Now, eating vegetarian for strictly health reasons is much less offensive than doing it because of cruelty. However, make sure you get your vitamin B12 from someplace - it's only found in beef products, so be sure to find it as a vitamin. Without B12, dementia is a likely future problem, and it is likely to show up early.

I kind of get cutting meat out of one's diet for health reasons. I wouldn't do it - I think chicken and shrimp and (for others) fish are all good. I find vegans beyond my ken. Cutting out eggs, milk, every possible animal product? Little tip: your teeth are designed for eating both vegetables and meat products. Not eating those things is not good for us.

I suppose I can see being of two minds about milk. Milk in and of itself is good for us. However, there are way too many hormones put into the milk production cows and now it's an issue - girls are reaching menarche much too early as a result. This is latent in beef products, too, although not as much. So cutting back on a child's milk and beef intake is likely to be a good idea now. That's too bad. Blame the American industries for that. We rush things without thinking what it will do to society. It is the same as supporting how many kids families have - in a world heavily overpopulated, this belief needs to be scaled back.

Well, that's my time up on my soapbox...


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