WarGames and... I'm Old?!

I'm watching WarGames, which was made in 1983. I was fifteen when this came out. I saw it in the movies with my parents.

When they were watching the video of Dr. Stephen Falken, Jennifer (Ally Sheedy) asked if David (Matthew Broderick) could just write to the doctor. He said he couldn't because the doctor was dead. She said he was young, and David said no, he was old. When Jennifer asked how old he was, David said, "Forty-one."

Good gods. I'm forty-three. How did that get to be old?!

I always find it incensing when people say, "So-and-so was 72? He was young!" Now, let's not get carried away. The average life span of the male human is still 70. The average life span of the human female is still 77. This is NOT young. And it seems that rather than rising, the number is now beginning to drop. Unsurprisingly, a life of drinking alcohol and soda and eating processed foods is taking its toll on the human race. I'm not saying one has to suddenly throw away all their foodstuffs, but modifying one's diet might not be a bad idea.

I suppose when I was a sophomore in high school, I thought people in their 40s were old... but at age 15, my mother was 42 and Ray was 38... so maybe I didn't think that. Unlike most kids my age, my parents were not in their early to mid-30s. Ma didn't have me until she was 27. (My father, Harry, was 35 at the time - not as young as most new parents in 1968.)

That was the age (of Aquarius). In today's day and age, many people wait to have their kids. I happen to think that is wise - having kids when one is still a kid (and yes, I would say 20 is still a kid) seems rather hard. Why make it so difficult? It is not easy to have children. It has to be easier - not as difficult - when you have had a little more life experience. I don't think having them at age 50 and up is wise, but having them in one's early or mid-30s is not the end of the world.

And yet, at 43 I'm old! Damn!


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