The Missing Posts: Sunday Night Favour

Sunday night before Memorial Day, I had to grab my car from the squadhouse, where I'd left it. When I went around 2345, there were a handful of people there, including Rob's friend Peter Blin. I really love Rob and I like Peter, too. Immediately. And you know us Human Resources people, we trust our guts.

Peter apparently is full of energy at midnight. I guess with my nap that afternoon, I did have extra energy, too, but I was planning to just grab my car and go. But he offered to wash it for me! Well, hell, yeah! Here it is - wash away! He actually apologised for possibly leaving streaks on the windshields and not drying it with chamois cloth. Please! I cannot recall the last time I washed my car - I don't normally think about it.

There were some spots and a streak or two on the wing mirrors, which was easy to fix. Otherwise, it looked wonderful! What a guy! Too bad I did not have my camera with me.


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