Monday's Morals #34

I'm really enjoying these so much, I'm just going back to each one to answer the ones I've missed (which is probably all of them). But this one was particularly good.

"This week’s edition of Monday’s Morals has you playing God.

Many have debated why God doesn’t just show Himself and remove all doubt about his existence in one grand maneuver, thereby allowing people to make a decision based on tangible proof about whether they will believe or not.

Others argue that His plan is more of a test for those who believe, demanding a level of faith and action to set apart those who would be faithful to him by building a relationship with Him even if they can’t see Him, but can still feel His presence in their lives.

Which route would you take if you were the Almighty? That’s the subject for this week.

If you were God, would you appear all at once to everyone and demonstrate that you are unquestionably real, or would you stay in the background, demanding that people establish a relationship with you that’s faith-based first? Why or why not?"

My answer:

You know, people think I'm completely godless because my mother is an atheist and my father an agnostic. But I have seen too much and been there when people left this world and came into this world and returned to this world to believe that there is nothing.

I am more like the Hindu believers: "God is in you, as you." I love that. It took me a long, long time to really see where my faith is: it's with me. It is in me. I can't find it in a building; with a group; but I see it in nature, in other people, in life, in death (it's all part of the same journey, after all). How would God prove/disprove his existence? He should not have to. People are free to make their choices. One thing I feel is that the world has over 3,000 current religions practiced today. That's a lot to pick from. But they are all there. And I feel strongly about religious freedom, just as much as free speech and all other freedoms.

So let people find God in their own ways. Besides, the cynical won't find the proof even if God attended a concert and introduced himself along with the opening act.


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