A Sheer Screaming Week of Hell

I can't or won't speak about a lot of what happened this week. I lost a lot of things over this week, but it seems that between my making concessions to issues and talking to only the very closest to friends about it, I've managed to hold onto what was most important.

Luis has his needs and I have to be more cognizant. I tend to harp on things I need not, bitch and gripe about things that I shouldn't. So I have that to work on as well as bud... budg... budgeting. (See that - I have trouble just saying that word! I hate that word. I hate money and dealing with it - mostly because I don't know how to deal with it. I'm Houdini - I only know how to make it disappear!

And let's not get into my riding. I take a lot of solace in this and I will miss it. But I will be an associate member, so I can do parades, events, run for administration-type E-board positions, committees (I'm on the New Rig Committee, which will be very educational for me), etc.

The cats proved to be the most easily adaptable to severe change. They went from roaming an eleven-room house at will to being confined to two small rooms, one set of steps and a bathroom. And then after five days back to eleven rooms and the changes were totally seamless.

I did not make the change well at all. Fortunately it was brief.

And since I haven't much else to reveal, I will leave this post in its confusing state. I do think that you will see more posts again from me, especially now that I am kind of back to normal and this week is over in... three hours, ten minutes!


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