ARTICLE: Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Immortalized

Now, this is just disgusting:

"The item is part of a new Women Who Rock exhibit at the Cleveland museum. Gaga went from rocking a rack of meat to having it preserved for the ages. Literally. The hand-sewn meat dress is now more of a beef jerky dress. Let us explain.

The Argentinean slabs of tartare may have been barbeque-ready when Gaga put them on last September. The singer modeled the dress when she accepted the Best Video of the Year, "Bad Romance," wearing it to proclaim, as she put it, "I am not a piece of meat." But let's face it: The freshness date of the frock -- and matching meat boots -- have long since passed.

A post on NPR explains the process for preserving the meat dress: The edible fashion statement "was kept in a meat locker, placed in a vat of chemicals and then dried out by taxidermists in California before being transported to the museum." Just one problem. It looked like a bunch of beef jerky -- which doesn't exactly pack the same punch.

To create a raw beef look, the jerky was painted over to appear fresh. That process took several months. So now, hopefully, the dress seen round the world won't be smelled round the world. Delicious."

I never know how people will react to this stuff. I immediately found it disgusting, but often, people and their opinions shock me. So it was with no small amount of gratuity that I found all the visible comments reflected mine. It's not just me. Even Luis, who knew about it, said the same thing. For once, he did not try to defend the artist's appalling sense of... fashion? No. I think not.

Quite frankly, I could not have put this on. I know she has a layer under it - well, under the boots, at any rate - but even so, it would have given me the willies. Yes, I know, you're reading the comments of someone who steadfastly refuses to handle raw food and cook, but even if I did, this is not a use for raw meat. Ick. And this is in execrable taste. There are people who can't afford meat and this woman is wearing it as a dress! How does that work?! Talk about doing something for the not-so-well off. Here's your chance to make a difference, Gaga. Or should I say Stephanie?

While she clearly thrives on shock value, this is one shock and first-time stunt in the history of weird famous people that simply did not work out well. Although why the Hall of Fame wants to induct this... there is the real mystery. It can't possibly stay as it is. And jerky? Eeeeiiiiwwww.


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