A Couple Hours of Bill Engvall

It's not as good as seeing him live - and should he return to New Jersey I will want tickets to that - but I have several discs of his:

Now That's Awesome
Here's Your Sign
15 Degrees off Cool
Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography

What's great about Bill Engvall? You can play these CDs anywhere and it is no problem. Not only is he funny as hell, but he is clean - no cursing, no violent topics, just normal life. George Carlin pulled that off in 1972 - the double CD I have that time period had three tracks I couldn't play at work - but it had 20 tracks that were just fine. That's George Carlin - someone who comes across as angry and used the most execrable language ever. But in this case, where he kept it clean and just spoke of his childhood and growing up in Morningside Heights, NYC, it was a riot! It was great stuff! I don't know why he got so angry. He wasn't the same for it.

How about Eddy Murphy? Ye gods. His show aired on HBO back a million years ago when he had the red leather outfit. He was standing just beyond the stage, genuflected with great sincerity, then launched himself onto the stage to go into one tirade of cruelty after the next, punctuated with the F-word. Over-punctuated. Grossly. I'm not sure that genuflecting before every performance is really going to let him off the hook when he finally does get hit by a No. 7 bus.

Eddy will be at the pearly gates, and St. Peter's going to look over the rather lengthy list and you know who will end up with this problem? Me. That's right. This is an HR issue, didn't you know? Appropriate job placement. What job can we give Eddy Murphy in Heaven? I don't think so.... Purgatory at best, but I think he'll be heading down much farther than that...

There are plenty of comedians who are genuinely funny and need not use any four-letter words and anyone can listen to them. I personally have no issues with four-letter words. Language is language. But one is much more funny if the word "fuck" shows up or twice in a 90-minute show. If it shows twice in the very first sentence, it's time to go. Even George Carlin live was not that bad. (We saw him in 1991 at the John Harms Theatre. It was a wonderful show. The open act was great, too.)

My favourite skit from George Carlin is "I Used to be Irish Catholic". He starts by saying , "I used to be Irish Catholic but now I'm an American... you know, you grow..." It's an excellent skit. Not a single foul word.

Humour is the best medicine, definitely!


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