Sunday Seven #293

What do you think of your home state? I’m sure there are plenty of pros and cons about any of the 50 states in our union. Some states seem to stand out, though, for the good or the bad.

This week, we’ll focus on the good. Can you come up with seven things you like about your home state?

That’s the challenge for this week! Thanks for playing!

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Name seven things you like about your home state.

Well! This sounds really good.

Seven things I like about New Jersey:

1. We have one of the best shorelines and ocean property for enjoying the sea.

2. New Jersey is very rich in history from the 1600s on - including the 300 stone steps, the bottom of the Appalachian trail, and many woods to traipse through, where George Washington also traipsed through.

3. We have intersting land features such as 3,000 hieroglyphic rocks and Tripod Rock in Kinnelon.

4. We are close to many great things: 40 minutes outside NYC, 45 minutes from Pennsylvania, 2 hours from Philadelphia, 3 and half hours from Boston and 4 hours from Washington D.C.

5. We have the Sopranos Tour (or we did - I don't know if they still do it).

6. We have bagels, pizza and taylor ham - items that just aren't the same anywhere else

7. We have Atlantic City just a couple of hours from here - why fly to Las Vegas?

Hopefully people who read this will realise there is much, much more to New Jersey that the myriad shows such as The Jersey Shore, the cast of which is NOT from New Jersey and do not in any way, shape or form represent normal New Jersey denizens.


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