And the Interesting Times Continue...

That's right folks. If the arthquake we had yesterday wasn't enough, heeeeeeeere's Irene!

"If the Virginia quake wasn't enough, authorities warn residents to watch out for Hurricane Irene

The National Weather Service reports that Hurricane Irene—which already has rolled through the Bahamas—is expected to land in North Carolina by Saturday and then travel northward.

According to the AccuWeather website, Irene could "flirt with the Delmarva [peninsula] and New Jersey and then on to eastern Long Island and southeastern New England." The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management said via its website that the threat may be heaviest for shore areas, which could experience tidal and storm surge flooding.

NJOEM offers these tips to make sure you are ready in the case a hurricane hits.

  • Make an Emergency Go-Bag, which includes items such as, bottled water, battery-powered radio, flashlights and extra batteries, non-perishable foods, and necessary prescription drugs. Remember to include extra cash in the event ATMs are not working.
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan, which will ensure your family members know where to go, whom to contact, and how to remain in contact should family members become separated during an emergency event.
  • Remember to maintain at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle at all times."
I'm amused by the tip to have extra cash in case ATMs cease functioning. Where am I going to go shopping in the middle of a hurricane and why would I not be able to use my card? I might go out prior to the storm's arrival to grab a couple of things, but we're quite far inland and not in a flood area (we are surrounded by flood zones in New Jersey, but our house is well above the water line unless the entire ocean pops in to visit). Now, what are the odds?

Hurricane Gloria in 1980 was our last hurricane, so we are admittedly overdue for a visit from a hurricane. However, I well remember Floyd, although he was downgraded to a Tropical Storm when he made it to us. He did a huge amount of damage to the Bound Brook area, but other than some localised severe flooding here, not much happened. Flooding, in New Jersey, is normal.

So if you were ready to jump ship to get away from Armageddon, Cthulhu's visit or whatever other supernatural agency you wished to attribute yesterday's very minor (here) quake, now you may want to consider it more seriously!


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