Friday 5 - 19 August

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your web space. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!
  1. What was your most memorable alarm-clock failure? Always in the spring, when clocks jump forward, although I do recall a couple of autumns where I ended up at work at 0500 instead of 0600!
  2. What item recently in the news do you find most alarming? I do my level best to ignore the news as mush as possible - it is all alarming, depressing... you get the idea.
  3. Of car alarms, burglar alarms, and smoke alarms, which do you consider most effective or useful? Oh, fire and smoke alarms by far. Many, many lives are saved that way.
  4. If the shoplifting alarm is tripped as you exit a store, what do you do? Go back to have the items in it scanned again to disarm the anti-theft device. (Every once in a while someone will say, "Don't worry about it, it usually goes off." and I wonder why they bother...)
  5. If you owned some kind of personality alarm to warn you upon first meeting someone of likely trouble in the relationship, what would be five qualities you’d set it to detect? Oh, what a neat question! Let's see... 1. serious mental issues, 2. gross dishonesty (I don't mean the little white lies acceptable to society), 3. people who tell me someone else said mean things about me and then say, "I thought you should know" when that other person is well within his or her rights to let off steam and expect I won't hear about it, 4. people who have serious money issues and 5. people who are alcoholics. Hey. You asked.

What I really wanted to ask was, “What is your favorite song by the Alarm?” because I really, really like that band, but that seemed possibly esoteric, so I resisted. However, please feel free to answer that question in the comments if you dig the Alarm the way I do. :)

Sixty-Eight Guns is the easy one, but I like Declaration, as well.

Thanks for participating, and have as unalarming a weekend as possible! You, too! I generally plan my weekends that way...!


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