WTF Thursday - Determining the Health Benefits of Eating Banana Splits & Using Spell Check

1) Does hearing about the health benefits of food products ever discourage you from eating those products (like hearing about the fiber content in cereal or probiotics in yogurt)? Sometimes. Let's face it, low-fat cheese is synonymous with plastic. Other things, not so much. It's a hit or miss with these things.

2) If you were fired from a job for no good reason and could do anything on your way out without the possibility of any future retribution, what might you do to get a little revenge? I wouldn't. Having done Human Resources for years, I'm not one to find any pleasure in revenge. How many people told me they were going to sue and the percentage of suits brought against a company is well under .009%. And the number won? Less.

3) You're at a job interview and the person interviewing you is extremely physically attractive. Do your raging hormones effect how well you carry yourself during the remainder of your interview? I have had that happen, both as interviewer and interviewee. I am just as witty and charming as I am without the raging hormones. I have nothing but raging hormones, anyway, so if that got in my way, I'd never have had a job!

4) We all know we're supposed to follow a healthy diet, but hardly anyone actually follows the food guidelines put out by the government. If you were to draw a food pyramid of your actual eating, what would be your major "food groups?" Uh-oh. Sugar, baby. Pure, beautiful, wonderful sugar would be the top item. Pizza, carbs the second level... do I need to keep going? Alcohol and nicotine would not be on my pyramid, but I'm atypical that way. Caffeine makes me tired, so I wouldn't have that on it - I'm always tired anyway.

5) There is a current TV advertising campaign in which the Windows company sets up a computer store in a person's house and surprises him or her. (Watch a commercial here.) What would you love to have secretly built in your home while you were out? One of two things: a library, which we keep trying to turn the extra room downstairs into but it never happens or an enclosed indoor heated swimming pool, which would actually mean adding a room to the back of the house and having a hole dug out and all that this would entail, but that would be great. If we kicked out the outlaw, I'd have two full rooms to modify and I would love to do that! Unfortunately, that albatross will never go away.

6) What kind of people do you typically try to avoid? Most of them? No, that's not really me. Super, ultra, oh-my-gods, right-wing super conservative Roman Catholics who absolutely understand nothing about tolerance. To whit, my husband's extended family. I complain about his father (the outlaw) but he is comparatively speaking nothing like his siblings. He's pro-choice, pro-birth control, not against gay marriages, and not right-wing. He's really amazing that way. Just imagine how ugly it would be if he was like the rest of the family who had the gall to stand in our living room and tell me how people who have had abortions are going straight to Hell and how I'm not successful, it was God's plan. GET OUT!

7) A friend just shared a link to a webpage full of misspellings from Facebook statuses and the obnoxious responses to them (click here for a laugh). What is a word you often have trouble spelling without the help of spell-check? I don't - I spell exceptionally well. I can't do anything with numbers, but I have no problem with spelling.

8) Today (August 25) is National Banana Split Day. What toppings do you want on your celebratory banana split? Oh, wet walnuts! I love wet walnuts. Nothing is wrong that is has wet walnuts on it.

9) What is the worst thing to say to someone who just got dumped by their significant other? I don't know that there is anything right that you can say.

10) You are walking by a pay phone in public and it starts ringing. Do you answer it or keep on walking? Keep walking - in fact, it won't be a problem because I almost never carry it with me.


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