Sunday Seven #303

Here’s a topic that I think nearly everyone can work with.

Let’s say that you’re put in the Programming Director position for a classic TV cable network and you’re given an assignment: you must come up with a rundown of seven sitcoms for an all-day comedy block.

I know, I know, this is really a fantasy-type scenario because no reality shows are part of the mix! But work with me here, people. Let’s dream for a moment that somehow, it could actually happen!

Can you come up with seven classic sitcoms you’d love to watch over a 12-hour block or so?

Don’t worry about how many hours of each there would need to be. All you have to do is come up with seven sitcoms that could be used to fill the time. As for your definition of “classic” sitcoms, they can be as old (or new) as you wish, just as long as you feel the sitcom belongs in a “classic” sitcom block.

Easy enough, right? Thanks for dropping by!

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Name seven “classic” sitcoms you’d schedule in an all-day cable network comedy schedule.


I am a snob - I don't watch sitcoms! If a show is 16 minutes long (commercials) and comes with a laugh track, I'm outta there! But I will try to think back to the days so long ago, when I did watch some of them.

1. The Monkees

2. Fraiser

3. The Big C (it's on HBO, but otherwise it is about a half-hour and has serious and light moments).

4. Happy Days

5. The Addams Family

6. M*A*S*H (with Charles Emerson Winchester III; not Frank Burns)

7. Danger Mouse (gotta love Penfold!)


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