Monday Meme: That's My Answer (8 Aug.)

What’s your all-time favorite (or most memorable) commercial jingle?

Oh, my.

My husband's is the Toys-R-Us jingle: I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid...". He knows exactly what he likes.

I avoid commercials at almost any cost, so I don't know enough adverts to think of a jingle I can tolerate, let alone like. I can't really answer this question. If you asked me which adverts I like the most, that is easy - the Mayhem ones from AllState insurance - this guy is a riot - and the Old Spice commercials, with the completely wonderful and yummy Isaiah Mustafa. But there are no jingles in either of these series of adverts.

So that is it for me.

Still, gotta love those two series!


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