Master Chef Coming to a Close...

My gods, how disappointing!

I really love Ben Starr, and he's gone. He is a very lovable guy, so upbeat and fun. He also really did a lot of amazing things with food. And we are still stuck with Suzy, who badmouths everyone but when she complements herself, she gets kicked in the pants big time; and then there is Christ

Who is Christian, you ask? Just the biggest egomaniac on the show. He loves himself and is horrible to all others. He doesn't understand the judges telling him that he needs to ratchet the ego down. He is convinced that he is wonderful. He is so unpleasant. All I want is for him to be given the axe. And I think they do, too. He'll eventually get his just desserts and it won't be edible. But it will be extremely gratifying.

Until then, we will just be cheering for everyone else.


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