You Are Just ASKING For It...

Here is an article that came in today's Parsippany Patch e-mail:

'Parsippany Township Council President John M. Fox announced he's leaving his council post as of Sept. 1 to take a seat on the Morris County Board of Elections.

For Fox, the invitation to play a new role in government comes at a good time. Paul Carifi Jr. defeated Fox in his bid to retain his council spot in the June primary election, and his term was slated to end in December.

"I feel so fortunate," Fox, 69, said. "This will allow me to continue in public service for a couple more years." Fox said he received a call late last week from Elections Board Chairman John Sette, who asked Fox if he would be interested in joining the panel. "This was not an easy choice. I thought about it for a day," he said. "The governor's office said I couldn't hold elected office while being on the board, and I felt bad about resigning early. But I figured I was leaving in December anyway."

Once Fox made up his mind, he said, Gov. Chris Christie approved the move. Fox will fill the unexpired term now held by Marilyn L. Cioffi, who is stepping down from the board.

"That term will end in March, and I should be re-appointed after that," he said. Parsippany's Republican Municipal Committee will submit the names of three candidates from which the Town Council will appoint a replacement to fill Fox's unexpired term. "This should give a leg up to Paul [Carifi Jr.]," Fox said. "Chances are he'll be appointed and that will give him a leg up in the [November general] election, so he can run as an incumbent councilman."

Fox has a long history of serving the public. He is now ending his first term on the Township Council. Prior to that, he spent a decade as a Parsippany police officer, 17 years as county sheriff and three years on the county's Board of Freeholders. He's been a Parsippany resident since childhood.

Fox said he looks forward to what lies in the future.

"The board of elections meets once a month. We answer complaints and look into things like voter fraud," he said. "We also oversee elections. We spend all of election day at work. It's a long day, but it's an important job." Fox said he will miss life as part of the Township Council, though.

"It bothers me to leave, but you know the old saying," he said. "God closes a door and opens a window."'

Now, when I recieved the e-mail, it showed the heading of the article, this guy's picture and the comment above. My first thought was, "Then jump out the window." Maybe that doesn't sound nice, but then when have I ever had a charitable comment on politicians? (The answer, in case you are unsure or wondering, is never. Not ever. They are all lying, cheating scum. It just cannot be helped. Maybe, just maybe, someone started out well, but eventually if they succeed at all, it's because they've gone to the dark side of the Force... "Luke... I am your fahhhhhther...")

So I just couldn't help it. And before I knew it, I commented on the article: "I think God had something in mind when he opened the window..." Oops. Was that my out-loud voice again?!

Don't make dopey comments like that. God undoubtedly sees politicians just as I do and opened that window as an invitation...


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