July's Second Poll: The Casey Anthony Trial

Here are the results of the last poll, which centered on the Casey Anthony trial and the results of that trial.

Casey is guilty as sin and should have been sent to jail.
2 (33%)
Casey is innocent and I am relieved at the outcome.
0 (0%)
Someone thought she saw Casey in Oklahoma and tried to mow her down. I would if I could.
0 (0%)
I may or may not agree with the outcome, but the fact is we weren't there and will never know what happened to Caylee.
4 (66%)
All I can say is Casey should be remanded into custody to have her tubes tied and then be released on her own recognisance.
0 (0%)
Well, Casey is out on her own, but she should not get a book and/or movie deal.
0 (0%)

Two people (33%) felt that she was "guilty as sin and should have been sent to jail". The other four people who voted (66%), felt that they "may or may not agree with the outcome, but the fact is we won't know what happened to Caylee". A mixed bag, but mostly the answers I expected. There were a huge amount of disgruntled people after the trial came to a close and some rather shocking incidents happened... the term "disgruntled" is very low-key for the general feeling out there. Many were up in arms about the verdict.

But the fact is none of us were there. And maybe she was guilty as sin, but the system we have in place won't allow us to lock someone up if there is any reasonable doubt as to that individual's guilt or innocence. I suppose the system has its flaws. In this case, it may be that those flaws kept Casey from serving time (although she was locked up for the length of the case, which was not a fast moving trial).

It will be interesting to see how public opinion continues, what she does with her second chance, etc. She has considered going to law school as one option (I find that interesting; you would think she has seen too much of the court process), and I suspect there will be book and/or movie offers. We shall see...

And so I need to think of a new poll to post... any ideas, my readers?


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