Monday Mayhem - We're Ticked Off!

1. What made ticked off the most yesterday?
Um... I don't know if anything did make me ticked off yesterday. I don't think I was ticked off yesterday for any reason.
2. What ticks you off about your local mail service?
Well, nothing. Parsippany mail is excellent and I love our mailman. He's the bee's knees. However, the Springfield mail service is awful - I know this personally from my five and a half years working there and still - I just got something on Tuesday that was mailed out on 26 July. Unbelievable!
3. What ticks you off about the opposite sex?
Isn't that a little broad? I wouldn't accuse all men of doing or being one way. I can say that Luis pissed me off a couple days ago, but I've forgotten what it was. (It's good to be me in some ways, you know...)
4. What ticks you off about eating out?
The end of the meal, when you're waiting for the check and finished eating - I hate waiting to get out of the restaurants once we're finished. And it seems that once the serving of the food is finished, suddenly it takes forever to get anything. So it takes a long time to get the check, a long time for the check with card or money to get picked up, then a long time to get it back. LET ME OUT!
5. What ticks you off about the internet?
The only thing that ticks me off about the Internet is the amount of misinformation one can find. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
6. What famous person really ticks you off?

7. What ticks you off about people on the road?
Tailgating is the biggest offense, but there are a host of other offenses as well.
8. Name something about politicians that ticks you off.
What about politicians doesn't tick me off? Everything about them is just wrong.
9. Tell us about a story you have recently heard that really ticked you off.
I can't write about it. But it was terrible - depressing and it ticked me off.
10. Are you feeling less ticked off now?

Um, I guess so. Although answering #9 made me upset again.


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