A Real Post - Using Google's Chrome

I've switched to Google's Chrome from Mozilla's Firefox. What a mistake. I hate to say it, but it's true. It was a huge and weird mistake. There are some problems with Chrome that I can't work with anymore.

And so far, it has everything to do with blogging.

When I do memes, I copy them from the original blog to a new post on mine, and then fill in the answers. I go back to the original site, put in the comments my link and I'm done. Usually this works really well. Not so much with Chrome, however.

When I copy the text in Chrome, it pulls the colour of the background along with it. And then my blog uses the colour text I have set up, so now the text is invisible against the background colour of the blog the text came from... my blog has a black background, and almost everyone else's has a light colour. Not good.

This means I need to open a different browser to get the text to be visible on mine. Extra work for me.

The Chrome browser hates that I want to use the justify text button and not only does it not justify it, it lumps everything together, so nine questions, all nicely spaced apart, suddenly becomes one huge paragraph. Not cool, either.

There are other issues with it as well, but I can't think of all of them. I just know that this is not working well for what I for the most. Facebook is okay, but I blog primarily. That's my biggest source of writing and I enjoy it. But I can't enjoy it if it is so much extra work. I'll go back to reading - and quite frankly I'm reading so much that this is a break from it. Now I need a break from blogging!

So it is back to Mozilla's Firefox. I'd seen a piece on C-Net saying that Google's Chrome is the best browser, but I have put it to the test. It did not pass. Neither has IE - but Mozilla's Firefox is really the most proven and positive experience. Hello, Firefox - I'm back!


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